Measure length in football fields

Measure length in football fields

The length of an American football field is 100 yd (91 m). If the end zones are included, it is 120 yd (110 m), but 100 yards is used informally as a unit, to allow easier conversion from formal measurement in feet or yards. It describes the size of a large building or a park, a distance which is not too short, but which one can walk over.

The Canadian football field is 65 yards (59 m) wide and 110 yards (100 m) long with end zones 20 yards (18 m) deep.

Media in the UK also use the football pitch as a unit of length, although an area of the Association football (soccer) pitch is not fixed, but varies within a limit of 90–120 m (98–130 yd) in length and 45–90 m (50–100 yd) in width. The usual size of a football pitch is 105 m × 68 m (115 yd × 75 yd), the area used for matches in the UEFA Champions League.

Other codes of football, known in various parts of the world, use football fields with different sizes and shapes, and may be used as a similar reference.  

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