Unit to measure the space adaptation degree

Unit to measure the space adaptation degree

Unpleasant feeling and symptoms connected with space adaptation syndrome (SAS) or so-called space sickness can vary according to the way a person feels while his vestibular system adapts to weightlessness. About 50% of spacemen feel average discomfort (sickness, headache, disorientation). Approximately 10% of spacemen feel very badly (vomiting and other symptoms which make a person disable to do anything during this adjustment period). One of the most difficult cases and really bad weightlessness reaction was recorded in 1985 when astronaut (and Senator) Jake Garn flew to space. He felt so bad that afterwards NASA astronauts created the informal "Garn scale" and a unit to measure space sickness degree – one garn. According to this scale the majority of astronauts feel discomfort equaled to not more than 1/10 of garn.


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