AM-6000 Milliohm Meter

AKTAKOM AM-6000 Milliohm Meter
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AKTAKOM AM-6000 Milliohm Meter is ideal for measuring the resistance of the motor coil, transformer, PCB layout. AM-6000 milliohm meter (analog of Lutron MO-2001) offers wide range and high accuracy.

AM-6000 Milliohm Meter Features and Benefits

  • 4-wire connection for accurate measurement of very low resistance
  • Ideal for testing protective conductors, lightning conductors and welded points
  • Wide measuring range, 0.1 mOhm 2000 Ohm, 5 ranges
  • 18mm (0.7"), large size LCD display, easy to read-out
  • LSI circuit provides high accuracy, reliability and durability
  • Built-in overload indication
  • Durable and portable housing plastic case with the front protective cover


General specifications:

Display: 18mm (0.7") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Max. indication 1999.
Range: 200 mOhm, 2,000 mOhm, 20 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 2000 Ohm
Zero Adjustment: External adjustment for zero value of the display
Input Terminal: 4 terminal input, accurate for low ohms measuring
Overload Indication: Indication of 1
Sampling Time: Approx. 0.4 sec
Operating Temp.: 0C to 50C (32F to 122C)
Operating Humidity: Less than 80%R.H.

Power Supply:

  • AC 110V 15%, 50/60Hz
  • or AC 220V/240V 15%, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: Approx. 2VA

Electrical specifications (235C):

Range Resolution Test current Accuracy Open circuit voltage
200 m ohm 0.1 m ohm 100mA (0.75%+4d) Approx. 3.8VDC
2000 m ohm 1 m ohm 10mA (0.75%+2d) Approx. 3.4VDC
20 ohm 10 m ohm 10mA Approx. 3.4VDC
200 ohm 0.1 ohm 1mA Approx. 3.2VDC
2000 ohm 1 ohm 1mA Approx. 3.2VDC

Remark: When order the MILLIOHM METER you should inform about the power supply type which is AC 110V, 220V/240V, moreover you should indicate the plug type (USA, GERMANY) of the power cord

Dimensions: 6.3x4.7x3.4in / 160x120x85mm, with housing front cover

Weight: Approx. 1.5lb / 680g

Standard Accessories

  • Power cable

  • 4 wire with 2 clips

  • User Manual

The use of digital milliohm meter

  1. Electric drill (perforator, screwdriver) winding resistance measurement
  2. Transformer windings resistance control when repairing the power supply
  3. 4-wire PCB circuits resistance measurement
  4. The contact resistance measurement of electromagnetic relay.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I measure low resistance with AKTAKOM AM-6000 Milliohm Meter?

  • How can I measure low resistance with AKTAKOM AM-6000 Milliohm Meter?

    There is four-wire (4-wire) scheme implemented to take the precise measurement of low resistance with AM-6000 and to escape the affect of stray resistance and the measurement leads resistance.

    Pic. 1

    On every measurement sub-range they use its own test current Is which flows from T2 to T1 terminal. The same current flows through the resistance under measurement R (resistor). AM-6000 measures voltage Vx on P1 and P2 terminals which equals as follows:

    Vx=Is * Rx

    In accordance with Vx value the device automatically counts the value of the unknown resistance Rx.


    Thus the stray resistance of the measurement leads doesn't affect the measured resistance between P1 and P2 terminals.

    To measure the resistor resistance it’s necessary to connect the clamps of the measurement leads to the resistance under test (like it’s shown in Pic. 1) and to measure the resistance of the circuit section on a board you need to connect the clamps the way it’s shown in Pic. 2.

    Pic. 2


    El medidor de miliohmios AKTAKOM AM-6000 es ideal para medir la resistencia de la bobina del motor, transformador, la disposicin de PCB


    • 4 terminales para la medicin precisa de resistencias muy bajas
    • Ideal para probar los conductores de proteccin, pararrayos y los puntos de soldadura
    • Amplio rango de medicin, 0,1 ohm m - 2000 ohm, 5 rangos
    • Pantalla LCD grande y fcil de leer 18 mm (0,7 ")
    • Circuito LSI que proporciona una alta precisin, fiabilidad y durabilidad
    • Indicador de sobre carga en la entrada incorporado
    • Carcasa resistente y porttil con estuche de plstico y tapa protectora frontal

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