ASE-5020 Soldering iron

AKTAKOM ASE-5020 Soldering iron
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Warranty: 14 months
ESD safe

ESD-safe soldering iron with temperature control

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AKTAKOM ASE-5020 is a soldering iron with temperature control.


  • High quality ceramic heater, made in Japan
  • Temperature control on the handle
  • Plug-in tips for different operations
  • Antistatic (ESD safe)


Power regulation: 10….25W
AC Input: 110-240 V
Weight: 1.9lb/0.9kg

Included accessories:

  • Plug-in tip

Optional accessories:

  • Plug-in tips for different operations
  • Sponge for soldering tips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I regulate Aktakom ASE-5020 soldering iron power?

  • How can I regulate Aktakom ASE-5020 soldering iron power?

    For Aktakom ASE-5020 soldering iron the power regulation can be made at 10…25W range. Power regulator is located on the soldering iron handle. To reach it you need to shift down the rubberized holder.

    AKTAKOM ASE-5020 es un soldador con control de temperatura.


    • Calentador cerámico de alta calidad, hecho en Japón.
    • Control de temperatura en el mango.
    • Variedad de puntas para diferentes operaciones
    • Antiestático (seguro contra ESD)

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