ASE-4502 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Rework Station

AKTAKOM ASE-4502 ESD-Safe Temperature Controlled Rework Station
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Warranty:1 year
User's Manual (659.59 Kb)

ESD safe Lead-free compliant

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The application fields of AKTAKOM ASE-4502 professional rework station are variable due to its adjustable air volume, large amount and soft blowing, convenient temperature control and other features. But it is especially recommended for work with temperature sensitive electronic components. This tool occupies a minimal space and organizes a high performance work area.

AKTAKOM ASE-4502 rework station (analog of 858DH) is ESD-safe. This is an important requirement that should be met since the absence of antistatic protection may cause the damage of valuable electronic components with electrostatic discharge.


  • Close circuit sensor and microcomputer control the temperature
  • Lead-free
  • High power and rapid warming
  • Accurate and stabilized temperature. Temperature can be easily adjusted
  • ESD-safe. Suitable for work with static-sensitive components
  • LED display
  • Easy operation. When user puts the handle back to the handle carrier the system automatically enters standby mode.
  • Brushless fan, long life, minimal noise
  • The station can cool down itself prolonging the life of the hot air gun


  • Power consumption: 700W
  • Output voltage: AC 220V10%; 50Hz/60Hz
  • Temperature range: 212-842 F / 100-450C
  • Airflow volume: 120L / Min (Max)
  • Dimensions: 11x7.5x6.7 in / 280x190x170 mm
  • Weight: 4 lb / 1.8 kg

Included accessories

  • Soldering station with a hot air gun
  • Nozzle ∅0.2 in (4.5 mm), ∅0.3 in (7 mm), ∅0.4 in (10 mm)
  • Hot air gun holder
  • Power cable
  • User manual

Operation of AKTAKOM ASE-4502 rework station

  1. Powering ON
    Rework station has two types of parameters that can be set: temperature and airflow.
    When AKTAKOM ASE-4502 is powered on the display shows the current temperature value.
  2. Temperature setting
    In Standby mode ASE-4502 will display --, press setup once and the LCD will show temperature setting values.
    Adjust the value with UP or DOWN buttons to set your required temperature.
  3. Airflow setting
    Press setup three times, the display will show F. Adjust the value with UP or DOWN buttons to set the value of the air pressure.

Standby mode
Put the hot air gun on the holder, the temperature will start dropping down to 60C and after that the station will enter the standby mode, the LCD will show --. At the same time the fan and the heating elements will turn off automatically. Pick up the hot air gun and the station will enter the normal working condition automatically.

To turn the station off keep ON/OFF button pressed for 4 seconds, the LCD will turn off. When the fan stops rotating it will mean that you can power off the station.

When the station alarms
The display shows S-E. Check whether the heating element is damaged or the air gun connector is loose.

Display shows S-E, the fan is still rotating and the temperature is normal. Please return the hot air gun to the holder and let the temperature drop.


  1. Do not turn off the power. The station should enter the standby mode and after then turn off the power.
  2. Avoid using the rework station for too long under-high temperature condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The rework station is not functioning, turns on, but not blowing air?

  • The rework station is not functioning, turns on, but not blowing air?

    The most common reason the rework station not functioning - the handle is placed on its holder. After the handle is placed on the holder the soldering station goes into standby mode and is ready for the working mode. Please follow user's manual for more details.

    Los campos de aplicacin de la estacin de retrabajo profesional Aktakom ASE-4502 son variables debido a su volumen de aire ajustable, gran cantidad y soplo suave, control de temperatura conveniente y otras caractersticas. Pero est especialmente recomendado para trabajar con componentes electrnicos sensibles a la temperatura.

    La estacin de trabajo ASE-4502 ocupa un espacio mnimo y organiza un rea de trabajo de alto rendimiento.

    Este modelo es seguro para ESD. Este es un requisito importante que debe cumplirse ya que la ausencia de proteccin antiesttica puede causar daos a componentes electrnicos valiosos con descargas electrostticas.


    • Sensor de circuito cerrado y microordenador controlan la temperatura.
    • Sin plomo
    • Alta potencia y calentamiento rpido.
    • Temperatura precisa y estabilizada. La temperatura se puede ajustar fcilmente
    • ESD-seguro. Adecuado para trabajar con componentes sensibles a la esttica.
    • Pantalla LED
    • Operacin fcil. Cuando el usuario vuelve a colocar el portador de la manija en el soporte, el sistema entra automticamente en modo de espera.
    • Ventilador sin escobillas, larga vida, ruido mnimo.
    • La estacin puede enfriarse prolongando la vida til de la pistola de aire caliente

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