New Function on our Web Site: Request Price Quote

New Function on our Web Site: Request Price Quote


A number of products with Request Price Quote status are now available on our website.

As a rule, these are devices that have excellent technical characteristics, but are temporary out of stock, and we plan to replenish them soon.

A customer can request a price for such a product and fill out a short form. Availability of products in stock from the manufacturers is constantly changing; therefore, the exact delivery time will be confirmed upon your request.

At some point after your desired product will become available, the status of your order will change to “ready for delivery from warehouse” and you will receive an email with an attached invoice in PDF format - this will mean that your order has been fully assembled and transferred to the delivery service.

If order lead time is delayed, you will periodically receive an automatic notification by email: “Status report on your order”, which will reflect the current situation.

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