Service Updated: Voltage Divider Calculator Great Tool for Electronic Engineers


The voltage divider is important in circuit engineering.

The voltage divider is used to extract only part of the initial voltage.

Voltage Divider Calculator is a simple easy-to-use tool that helps you evaluate the output voltage or resistor values in a single voltage divider according to Ohm's law.

The new features allows more parameters required by the engineer. In addition to calculating the resistor and current values in the divider or voltage circuit, the calculation represents the power values of the resistors scattered on the resistors and proposes the determination of the resistor values from a nominal range of values (E12, E24, and T).

This tool also displays resistor color code and SMD (surface mount device) resistor code for calculated values.

Note. Click on the parameter on the figure that you would like to calculate, and then enter the values for the remaining parameters

The final result can be printed out immediately with all entered and recorded values or sent by mail or social networks.

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