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Compatible with:ACE-1045 RS-232-USB Interface Converter
For Android™
Supported OS:Android 4.0

AKTAKOM COM-Terminal for Android is Android-based software designed to transfer and receive data via RS-232 serial protocol in the manual mode. Hardware part is taken by Aktakom ACE-1045 interface converter.

To install the software download ACOMTA.apk application package and run it.

In case Aktakom ACE-1045 is already connected to your PC the application will suggest you to use it.

Aktakom COM-Terminal for Android allows setting the following communication parameters for RS-232:

  • Baud rate;
  • Data size;
  • Parity;
  • Stop bits;
  • Hardware flow control.

Commands are entered into any of three lines in Send block. Commands can be enters in the text or hexadecimal mode (modes are selected with Hex tick). When entering a text command you may use hexadecimal symbol codes with $HH combination where H is a hexadecimal digit. E.g. *IDN?$0D$0A$00 sets the standard command of VISA symbol definition which ends with 3 special symbols: linefeed, carriage return and the end of line character.

To send the set command into the device press . There is no other additional action needed to receive the response. The application will be able to automatically detect the received data and display it in the block below.

For every command line in Send block there is a list of earlier entered commands available (key).

The commands sent to the device and the responses are displayed in Data block. The command lines are preceded by s> sign and the responses by r>. Hexadecimal symbol codes are displayed in the curly brackets which are preceded by a dollar sign {$0D}.

The protocol can be saved into file with  key. Earlier saved file can be open with . At the same tile it will be suggested to select the file required.

Functions of the other keys:

  •   clear the data block
  •   About the program
  •   close the application

You can download AKTAKOM COM-Terminal from Google play free of charge.

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. AKTAKOM software is protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized copy, reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this software may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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