R&S®ESR Named One of the 2012 Hot 100 Products by EDN

R&S®ESR Named One of the 2012 Hot 100 Products by EDN


The R&S®ESR was launched in August, 2012. The new EMI test receiver allows thanks to its broadband architecture standard-compliant EMI measurements up to 6000 times faster than other solutions. Comprehensive diagnostic tools such as spectrogram display, realtime spectrum analysis and IF analysis help developers detect and eliminate EMI. The R&S®ESR is impressively easy to use thanks to its intuitive touchscreen interface.

Since 1993, editors at UBM Tech’s EDN have annually selected the year's Hot 100 products. The complete list for 2012 can be found online at EDN online magazine or within the December 14, 2012 issue of EDN Magazine. UBM Tech is a global media business that provides information, events, training, data services, and marketing solutions for the technology industry.

Rohde & Schwarz. www.rohde-schwarz.com

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