ATE-2509 Infrared Thermometer with Type K Port

AKTAKOM ATE-2509 Infrared Thermometer with Type K Port
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AKTAKOM ATE-2509 infrared thermometer provides non-contact temperature measurement with high accuracy. ATE-2509 infrared (IR) thermometer (analog of TM-969) combines high functionality, reliability, ease of use and portability, allowing to take temperature measurements from a safe distance.


  • None contact infrared temperature measurement up to 1832F/1000C measurement
  • Type K thermocouple thermometer, up to 2552F/1400C measurement
  • Dual laser for better targeting
  • Large LCD display with back light
  • D/S ratio value: 50/1
  • Min., Max., Differential, Average, Lock mode
  • Last measurement memory
  • Hi/Lo Temperature Audio Alarm
  • Laser target and Back light On/Off control
  • Adjustable emissivity value from 0.1 to 1.00
  • Preset emissivity value at 0.95
  • Power supply by two AAA batteries, long life

Temperature-64...1400 C / -83.2...1999 F
Temperature resolution0.1 C / 0.1 F
Temperature sensor typeType K thermocouple, IR
Data hold+
Min/Max measurement+
Power supply1.5 V x 2 batteries
Dimensions8.0 x 7.7 x 1.8 in / 203 x 197 x 47 mm


Display: LCD, 1.2x1.7in / 31x43mm


  • C, F
  • Min., Max., Differential, Average
  • Lock mode
  • Auto power off
  • LCD back light
  • Emissivity adjustment

IR Measurement Range: -60 to 1000C (-76 to 1832F)

IR Accuracy:

  • 1C (1.8F): Object Temp. = 15 to 35C / 59 to 95F, Ambient Temp. = 25C/77F
  • 2% of reading or 2C (4F) whichever is greater. Object Temp. = -33 to 1000C / -28 to 1832F, Ambient Temp. = 233C

Type K Thermometer range: -64 to 1400C (-83.2 to 1999F)

Type K Thermometer accuracy: 1% of reading or 1C (1.8F), Test under T ambient = 235C


  • 0.1C/0.1F. <1,000C/< 1,000F
  • 1 C /1 F. ≥1,000C/≥ 1,000F

Circuit: Exclusive microcomputer circuit

Emissivity Adjustment: Adjustment range: 0.10 to 1.00, step 0.01
0.95 default emissivity value

IR Temp. Sensor: Thermocouple pie

Measurement Wavelength Region: 8 to 14 micro meter

Distance Facto: D/S : Approx. 50:1 (typical 25:1); D - Distance, S Spot
Distance to spot using 90% encircled energy at focal point

Target Guide:

  • Two laser target guide
  • Less than 1mW
  • Class 2 red laser diode. Wave length is 645nm approximately

Sampling Time: Approx. 0.7 second

Power Supply: DC 1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery x 2 PCs, heavy duty or Alkaline

Power Consumption:

  • without target light on: Approx. DC 1.5mA
  • with target light on: Approx. DC 29.5mA

Operating Temperature: 32 to 122F / 0 to 50C

Operating Humidity: Less than 80%RH.

Weight: 0.85lb / 386g
Dimensions: 8.0x7.7x1.8in / 203x197x47mm

Included accessories

  • User manual
  • Hard carrying case
  • DC 1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery x 2 PC

Measuring procedures

ATE-2509 3-1 Emissivity Button
3-2 Down Button
3-3 LCD Display
3-4 Up Button
3-5 Mode Button
3-6 Measure Switch
3-7 Battery Cover
3-8 Infrared Lens
3-9 Laser
3-10 LED
3-11 Thermocouple Socket
  1. Default LCD Screen
  2. Simply aim the thermometer at the measure target with "Infrared Lens" (3-8, Fig. 1) and press "Measure Button" (3-6, Fig. 1) to display the surface temperature. The Distance: Spot is 50:1. The two laser points are the reference for the target spot size. Please make sure the target area is within the field of view.
  3. Press "Emissivity Button" (3-1, Fig. 1) for setting the emissivity.
    Emissivity Button
    Press "Emissivity Button" (3-1, Fig. 1), then press "Up Button" (3-4, Fig. 1) or Down key (3-2, Fig. 1) to set the emissivity, then press "Mode Button" (3-5, Fig. 1) to confirm it. The emissivity can be changed from 0.10 to 1.
  4. Press "Mode Button" (3-5, Fig. 1) for scrolling more display function as follows.

    emissivity data Here will show the emissivity data. (The default emissivity is 0.95.)
    Press Mode key (3-5, Fig. 1) for the Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), Different between MAX and MIN (DIF) and Average (AVG) modes. During the measurement, the special modes reading will be displayed beside the mode icon
    Press "Up Button" (3-4, Fig. 1) or "Down Button" (3-2, Fig. 1) key to change the High Alarm (HAL) or Lo Alarm (LAL), then press "Measure Button " (3-6, Fig. 1) to confirm it.
    For example: When the reading 26.9 °C < LAL 27 °C, the Low icon will flash and you will hear a beep sound.
    Connect the thermocouple with "Thermocouple Socket" (3-11, Fig. 1) and put the probe in/on the target, the thermometer will display the temperature automatically without pressing any button. To see the minimum or maximum data during the probe measurement, please hold down the "Up Button" (3-4, Fig. 1) or "Down Button" (3-2, Fig. 1).
    !!! After measure high temp, the probe may remain HOT for a while
  5. The thermometer will automatically shut off if left idle for more than 60 seconds.
  6. In MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG mode:
    a. Press "Up Button" (3-4, Fig. 1) for LOCK mode ON/OFF. The lock mode is particularly useful for continuous monitoring of temperatures for up to 60 minutes.
    b. Press "Down Button" (3-2, Fig. 1) for °C or°F transferred.
  7. In all modes: First hold on the "Measure Button" (3-6, Fig. 1)
    a. and press "Up Button" (3-4, Fig. 1) for backlight function ON/OFF.
    b. and press "Down Button" (3-2, Fig. 1) for laser function ON/OFF. (With flash light be turned on in the same time as laser)

El termometro infrarojo de AKTAKOM ATE-2509 proporciona una medicin de temperatura sin contacto alguno y con la guia de rayos infrarrojos.


  • Medicin de temperatura sin contacto y con guia infrarroja de hasta 1832 F/1000 C
  • Termopar tipo K termmetro, medicin hasta 2552 F / 1400 C
  • Lser dual para una mejor orientacin.
  • Gran pantalla LCD con luz de fondo
  • D/S valor de la escala: 50/1
  • Min, Max, Diferencial, Normal y modo de bloqueo
  • Memorizacin de la ltima medicin.
  • Hi/Lo (alto y bajo) audio de la alarma por temperatura
  • Blanco con lser y luz de fondo con interruptor
  • Valor de emisividad ajustable de 0.1 to 1.00
  • Valor de emisividad preestablecido en 0,95
  • Alimentacin con dos pilas AAA de larga vida

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