DP-100 Attenuator

 DP-100 Attenuator
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The DP-100 differential probe provides a safety means for measuring differential voltage forall models of oscilloscopes.

The DP-100 converts high differential voltage into low voltage and displays the result onthe oscilloscope screen. DP-100 is designed to operate with 1MΩ impendance oscilloscopes. When combining with the 50Ω load, the attenuation will be 2 times.

Dimensions9.5 x 3.2 x 1.2 in / 240 x 80 x 30 mm


Bandwidth DC - to 100MHz (-3 dB) for x 200, x 500 and x 1000 DC - to 50MHz (for attenuation x 100)
Attenuation x 100, x 200, x 500, x 1000
Accuracy 2%
Voltage Input Ranges (DC + AC peak to peak) ≤ 700 Vp-p for x 100 (i.e. about 230 Vrms or DC) ≤ 1400 Vp-p for x 200 (i.e. about 460 Vrms or DC) ≤ 3500Vp-p for x 500 (i.e. about 1140 Vrms or DC) ≤ 7000 Vp-p for x 1000 (i.e. about 2300 Vrms or DC)
Permitted Max Input Voltage Max differential voltage: 7000V (DC +AC peak to peak). Max voltage between each input terminal and ground: 6500Vrms
Input Impendance Differential: 54MΩ / 1.2pF Between terminals and ground: 27MΩ / 2.3 pF
≤ 7.0V
Output Impendance 50Ω
Input Impendance Differential: 54MΩ / 1.2pF Between terminals and ground: 27MΩ / 2.3 pF
Rise Time 3.5ns for x 200, x 500, and x 1000; 7ns for x 100
Rejection Rate on Common mode 60Hz: > 80dB; 100Hz > 60dB; 1MHz > 50dB
Power Supply
Only External 9V DC power supply
Consumption 35mA max (0.4 Watt)
  • Dimensions and Weight: 9.5x3.2x1.2in / 240x80x30 mm; 0,6 lb / 280g
  • Electrical Safety to IEC 1010-1
    • Dual Insulation
    • Insulation Category III
    • Degree of Pollution 2
    • Rated Voltage or Max Line-Earth: 6500Vrms
  • An Insulated BNC/BNC lead, length 100cm
  • AC Adapter
  • High voltage IC clips
  • Banana to Banana high voltage plug
  • Alligator plug
  • Test Lead
  • Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual

La sonda diferencial DP-100 ofrece una gran seguridad para la medicin de tensin diferencial para todos los modelos de osciloscopios.

El DP-100 convierte el voltaje diferencial de alta en baja tensin y muestra el resultado en la pantalla del osciloscopio. DP-100 est diseado para funcionar con 1MΩ osciloscopios impedancia. Cuando se combina con la carga de 50Ω, la atenuacin ser 2 veces.

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