ATT-2593 Electrosmog Meter

AKTAKOM ATT-2593 Electrosmog Meter
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Warranty:1 year
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Handheld electrosmog meter for safe measurement of electromagnetic field characteristics with isotropic method in the frequency range of up to 8 GHz.

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AKTAKOM ATT-2593 Electrosmog meter is a handheld device used to safely measure electromagnetic field characteristics with isotropic method in the frequency range of up to 8 GHz. The device is equipped with three-channel sensor which allows taking measurement along three axes simultaneously: X, Y, Z. ATT-2593 can be used to measure RF emission from wireless communication facilities (CW, CDMA, DECT, GSM), radio stations, wireless Wi-Fi devices, microwave ovens, TV sets and monitors, hidden signal sources and other sources of high frequency electromagnetic emissions.


  • Measurement method: isotropic
  • Three-channel sensor
  • Frequency range: 10MHz8GHz
  • Dynamic range: 75 dB
  • Measurement units: mV/m, V/m, mA/m, mA/m, W/m2, mW/m2, W/m2, W/cm2, mW/cm2
  • Measurement range:
    - electric field intensity: 20 mV/m108 V/m. Resolution: 0.1 mV/m;
    - magnetic field intensity: 53 A/m...286.4 mA/m. Resolution: 0.1 A/m;
    - power flow density: 0 W/m²...30.93 W/m² (resolution: 0.1 W/m²) or 0 W/cm²...3.093 mW/cm² (resolution: 0.001 W/cm²).
  • Display values: maximum, average or maximum average
  • Data update rate: 2 times per second
  • Auto power off: in 15 minutes
  • Sound signal in case of exceeding the maximum permissible level
  • Memory: for 99 measurements
  • LCD, 4 digits
  • LCD backlight
  • Battery: 9V
  • Dimension: 2.6 x 2.4 x 9.7 in / 67 x 60 x 247 mm
  • Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 g
  • 9V battery
  • Sensor
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
El medidor de electrosmog AKTAKOM ATT-2593 es un dispositivo de mano que se utiliza para medir de forma segura las caractersticas del campo electromagntico con mtodo isotrpico en el rango de frecuencia de hasta 8 GHz. El dispositivo est equipado con un sensor de tres canales que permite realizar mediciones a lo largo de tres ejes simultneamente: X, Y, Z. El ATT-2593 se puede usar para medir la emisin de RF de las instalaciones de comunicacin inalmbrica (CW, CDMA, DECT, GSM), estaciones de radio , dispositivos inalmbricos Wi-Fi, hornos de microondas, televisores y monitores, fuentes de seales ocultas y otras fuentes de emisiones electromagnticas de alta frecuencia.

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