ATT-2592 Portable Electromagnetic Field Tester

AKTAKOM ATT-2592 Portable Electromagnetic Field Tester
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A portable device designed for safe measurement of electromagnetic field characteristics by isotropic method. The device is equipped with 3-channel sensor which allows measuring simultaneously on three axes: X, Y, Z. The device can be used to measure the radiation produced by wireless communications (CW, CDMA, DECT, GSM), radio stations, wireless Wi-Fi, microwaves, TVs and monitors, hidden signal sources and other sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

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  • 50MHz to 3.5GHz frequency range.
  • For isotropic measurements of electromagnetic fields.
  • Non-directional (isotropic) measurement with three-channel measurement probe.
  • High dynamic range due to three-channel digital results processing.
  • Configurable alarm threshold and memory function.
  • Easy to use.


  • High frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave field strength measurement
  • Mobil phone base station antenna ratenna radiation power density measurement
  • Wireless communication applications(CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT)
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation
  • Spy camera, wireless bug finder
  • Cellular/Cordless phone radiation safety level
  • Microwave oven leakage detection
  • Personal living environment EMF safety
  • RF power measurement for fransmitters

Electrical specifications

  • Sensor type: Electric field (E)
  • Frequency range: 50MHz to 3.5GHz
  • Directional characteristic: Isotropic, 3-dimensional
  • Measurement range (CW signal>50MHz): 20mV/m to 108.0V/m
  • Absolute error (at 1V/m and 50MHz): ± 1.0dB
  • Frequency response (taking into account typ. CAL factor): 1.0dB (50MHz to 1.9GHz) , 2.4dB (1.9GHz to 35GHz)
  • Isotropy deviation Type: 1.0dB at f>50MHz
  • Overload limit: 4.2W/m2 (40 V/m)
  • Temperature response (0 to 50 °C): 1.5dB

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all specifications hold under the following assumptions:

Sinusoidal signals; device in far-field of a source; probe head pointing toward source; ambient temperature +23C 3C; relative air humidity 25% to 75%.

General specifications

  • Measurement method: Digital , triaxial measurement
  • Directional characteristic: Isotropic, triaxial
  • Measurement range selection: One continuous range
  • Display resolution: 0.1mV/m, 0.1 μA/m, 0.1 μW/m², 0.001 μW/cm²
  • Setting time: Typically 1s ( 0 to 90% of meas. value)
  • Display refresh rate: Typically 400mS
  • Display type: LCD 4 digit
  • Audible alarm: Buzzer
  • Measurement units: mV/m , V/m , μA/m , mA/m , μW/m² , mW/m², μW/cm²
  • Measurement display value: Instantaneous measured value, maximum value or average value since power-on
  • Measurement alarm function: Adjustable threshold with ON/OFF
  • Measurement calibration factor CAL: Adjustable
  • Manual data memory and read storage: 99 sets ( only recall by meter )
  • Battery: 9V
  • Battery life: >15 hours
  • Dimensions: 60x60x237mm / 2.4x2.4x9.3in
  • Weight: 200g / 0.4lb
  • 9V battery
  • Carrying case
  • User manual

Electromagnetic field measurement

How to measure the electromagnetic environment correctly? What instruments should be used for this?

Which electromagnetic radiation is ATT-2592 portable electromagnetic field tester designed for?

Electromagnetic field, especially in offices, constantly changes. Somebody’s radiophone or cell phone starts ringing or there is any other electromagnetic radiation source (for example in the next room) etc. The electric field intensity of "natural" field, when the devices under test are switched off, is from a few units to several hundreds of mV/m. Exactly these readings will be considered further on the basis for the comparison to those of the electromagnetic fields of the switched on devices under measurement.

To solve this measurement problem there were some measurement experiences made in the office. AKTAKOM ATT-2592 tester was used as a measuring device.

It should be noted that AKTAKOM ATT-2592 tester measures at frequency starting from 50MHz to 3.2GHz and 8GHz, respectively. Measurements, when a device under test is ON, should be made in the fixation mode of the electric field intensity value.
As electromagnetic sources there were the following devices used: cell phone, Wi-Fi router, a microwave oven, a personal computer with Wi-Fi, Yota WiMax device and household fan.

Below are the test results:

Electric field intensity measurement of the cell phone. The maximum value is 24.52V/m

Electric field intensity measurement of the Wi-Fi router. The maximum value is 15.90V/m

Electric field intensity measurement of Yota WiMax. The maximum value is 15.68V/m

Electric field intensity measurement of the microwave oven
Electric field intensity measurement of the microwave oven. The maximum value is 6.725V/m

Electric field intensity measurement of the PC with Wi-Fi. The maximum value is 1.122V/m

Electric field intensity measurement of the PC with switched off Wi-Fi ("natural" field). The maximum value is 9.3mV/m

Electric field intensity measurement of the switched off fan ("natural" field). The maximum value is 314.6mV/m

Electric field intensity measurement of the switched on fan. The maximum value is 325.4mV/m

These examples show which of the devices under test are the most harmful in terms of radiated high-frequency electromagnetic field. Please note that the working fan and the PC without switched on radiating devices are not objects of measurement for ATT-2592 as they operate at the frequency of 50Hz that is a million times less than the stated measurement range. ATT-2592 electromagnetic field tester is considered unique, any user can measure the electromagnetic environment. Sometimes you can put the radiation source to another place or just turn it around and this can be enough to significantly change the situation. For example, if your cell phone is ringing its built-in antenna should point aside and the phone itself should be held at some distance from your head. Even some 20–30cm makes a significant influence.

The cell phone antenna is pointed at the sensor. The phone is very close to the sensor. The maximum value of the electric field intensity is 24.52V/m

The phone antenna is not pointed at the sensor. The phone is very close to the sensor. The maximum value of the electric field intensity is 11.44V/m

The phone antenna is not pointed at the sensor. The phone is at 30 cm distance from the sensor. The maximum value of the electric field intensity is 10.65V/m

Thus, just by turning the radiation source (the phone) around and removing it at only 30 cm distance from the sensor we have reduced the value of the electric field intensity in a particular location by almost 2.5 times!

It should be noted that the values in the table are approximate, because they depend on many factors, such as the model of the device under test, operation mode, etc. But they rather clearly show the potential danger of radiation sources.

The manual of AKTAKOM ATT-2592 electromagnetic field tester includes tables (of sanitary standards and norms). Comparing the device readings to the values in the table you can judge how long it is safe to stay in the place where such measurements are taken.

Maximum permissible levels of electric intensity and energy fluence rate depending on the exposure time.


  • Alta frecuencia (RF) de onda electromagntica de intensidad de campo medida.
  • Telfono mvil de la estacin base de antena ratenna radiacin densidad de potencia medida.
  • Aplicaciones de comunicacin inalmbrica (CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT).
  • LAN inalmbrica (Wi-Fi) de deteccin, instalacin.
  • Spy cmara, buscador de error inalmbrica.
  • Mvil / Inalmbrico nivel radiacin de los telfonos de seguridad.
  • Horno de microondas de deteccin de fugas.
  • Entorno Personal de estar EMF seguridad.
  • Medicin de potencia RF para fransmitters.
  • Caractersticas

    • Rango de frecuencia 50MHz - 3.5GHz.
    • Para mediciones isotrpicas de los campos electromagnticos.
    • No direccional (isotrpica) mediciones con sonda de medida de tres canales
    • Alto rango dinmico debido al procesamiento digital de los resultados de los tres canales
    • Umbral de alarma programable y funcin de memoria.
    • Fcil de usar.
    • Unidades de medida: mV / m, V / m, mA / m, mA / m, mW / m, mW / m, mW / cm .
    • Manual de memoria de datos y leer almacenamiento: 99 juegos (slo recordar por metro).
    • Batera: 9V.
    • Duracin de la batera:> 15 horas.
    • Dimensiones: 60x60x237mm / 2.4x2.4x9.3in.
    • Peso: 200 g / 0,4 libras.

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