5311W Fine Hard Wire Miniature Oval Head Cutter

Tronex 5311W Fine Hard Wire Miniature Oval Head Cutter
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Brand: Tronex
Warranty: 6 months

Tronex Class W cutters are made entirely from solid tungsten alloy steel. This material is machined and formed at the Tronex factory to high dimensional tolerances with exceptionally sharp cutting edges and a solid joint design. The cutters undergo a special furnace-hardening process to achieve a hardness of 66 to 68 HRC on both cutting edges. (Cutters made of carbon steel have maximum edge hardness of 62 to 63 HRC.) CLASS W cutters have smaller tips than CLASS T cutters. This property enables these cutters to cut in more confined areas than CLASS T cutters. CLASS W cutters are lighter than CLASS T cutters. The cutting edges of CLASS W cutters are also less brittle than cutting edges of CLASS T cutters.

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Tronex Fine Hard Wire Miniature Oval Head Cutter 5311W, standard handle length, semi-flush cutting edges.

Semi-Flush Cutting Edge: 0.26 in (6.6 mm). Handle Length: 4 in (102 mm).

Cutting capacity (steel wire): 0.008-0.013 in (0.2 mm-0.33 mm).

Cortador de cabeza ovalada miniatura de alambre duro fino Tronex 5311W, longitud de mango estбndar, filos de corte semi al ras.

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