5112T Fine Hard Wire Oval Head Cutter

Tronex 5112T Fine Hard Wire Oval Head Cutter
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Brand: Tronex
Warranty: 6 months

T cutters are made from precision machined cutter blanks in which solid tungsten carbide material has been silver brazed in the cutter jaw. Diamond grinding then forms the head shape and sharpens the cutting edges. This tool design, with its dual material construction, combines the high yield strength of carbon steel with the intense localized hardness of tungsten carbide. Cutting edges of CLASS T cutters have a hardness of 79 to 81 HRC. CLASS T cutters can cut thicker and harder hard wire than CLASS W cutters. Also, the handles and jaws of CLASS T cutters are tougher than those of CLASS W cutters.

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Tronex Fine Hard Wire Oval Head Cutter 5112T, standard handle length, flush cutting edges.

Flush Cutting Edge: 0.39 in (9.9 mm). Handle Length: 4 in (102 mm).

Cutting capacity (steel wire): 0.008-0.025 in (0.2 mm-0.65 mm).

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