ATE-2002 Precision Thermometer

AKTAKOM ATE-2002 Precision Thermometer
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Warranty:1 year
User's Manual:Download
RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232)

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AKTAKOM ATE-2002 is a professional thermometer with high accuracy & 0.01 resolution


  • Accept multi type temp probe input: platinum PT 100ohm, thermocouple Type K/J/T/E/R
  • With 0.01 high resolution both for Platinum & Thermocouple probe input
  • PT 100 probe input cooperate with an 0.00385 alpha coefficient, meet DIN IEC 751
  • Cooperate with 4 wires Pt-100ohm probe, high precision
  • Wide range display from -100 to 1370°C (type K)
  • Built-in °C & °F select button on the front panel
  • Buil-in 0.01 & 0.1 select switch on the front panel
  • Super large LCD with unit display, easy readout
  • Data hold function for stored the desired value on display
  • Sensor select button on the front panel, easy to change different type probe
  • Memory function to record the maximum & minimum reading with recall
  • Build the REL button, useful for relative measurement
  • Built-in low battery indicator
  • Optional heavy duty & compact housing case, designed for easy carry out

Temperature-199.99...1770 C / -199.99...3218 F
Temperature resolution0.01 C / 0.01 F
Temperature sensor typeType K thermocouple, Type J thermocouple, Type E thermocouple, Type T thermocouple, Type R thermocouple, PT100
Data hold+
Min/Max measurement+
Power supply9 V battery
Dimensions7.1 x 2.8 x 1.3 in / 180 x 72 x 32 mm


General specification:

Display: 2.4x1.3in/62x34mm supper large LCD display, 13mm (0.5") digit size

5 Probe types:

  • Platinum PT 100ohm (0.00385 alpha coefficient, meet DIN IEC 751)
  • Thermocouple type K
  • Thermocouple type J
  • Thermocouple type T
  • Thermocouple type E
  • Thermocouple type R
  • Functions: °C, °F, 0.010.1 Data hold, relative measurement

Resolution: 0.01°C/0.1°C, 0.01°F/0.1°F
Circuit: Use the software to make linearity correction instead the traditional hardware circuit

Probe input socket:

  • Pt 100 ohm probe: DIN 4 pin socket
  • Thermocouple couple probe: Standard 2 pin type K socket

Sampling Time: Approx2.5 seconds
Hold Function: To freeze the display reading value
Memory Recall: Memorize the Maximum, Minimum reading with recall
Over Indication: Show " - - - - "
Data Output: RS-232 PC serial interface
Power Supply: Heavy duty or Akaline type, DC 9V battery, 006P, MN1604 (PP3) or equivalent
Power Consumption: Approx DC 15mA
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Operating Humidity: Less than 80%RH

Measuring resolution:

Type Resolution Range Type Resolution Range
Platinum PT 100ohm 0.01°C -199.99 to 199.99°C Thermocouple type T 0.01°C -100.00 to 100.00°C
0.1°C 200.0 to 850.0°C 0.1°C 100.0 to 400.0°C
0.02°F -199.99 to 392.00°F 0.02°F -148.00 to 212.00°F
0.2°F 392.0 to 1562.0°F 0.2°F 212.0 to 752.0°F
Thermocouple type K 0.01°C -100.00 to 100.00°C Thermocouple type E 0.01°C -80.00 to 90.00°C
0.1°C 100.0 to 1370.0°C 0.1°C 90.0 to 779.9°C
0.02°F -148.00 to 212.00°F 0.02°F -112.00 to 194.00°F
0.2°F 212.0 to 2498.0°F 0.2°F 194.0 to 1435.8°F
Thermocouple type J 0.01°C -90.00 to 100.00°C Thermocouple type R 0.01°C 0 to 600.0°C
0.1°C 100.0 to 900.0°C 0.1°C 600 to 1770°C
0.02°F -130.00 to 212.00°F 0.02°F 32.0 to 112.0°F
0.2°F 212.0 to 1652.0°F 0.2°F 112 to 3218°F

Dimensions: 7.1x2.8x1.3in/180x72x32mm
Weight: 0.62lb/285g

Standard Accessory:

  • Operational manual

Optional Accessories:

  • Vinyl soft carrying case
  • Hard carrying case
  • Pt-100 probe
  • Type K Thermocouple probe

Measuring procedure

  1. Connect the "Probe Plug" into the "Input Socket".
    * The input socket of PT-100 ohm is the "3-12, Fig. 1".
    * The input socket of Thermocouple type K/J/T/E/R is the "3-11, Fig. 1"
  2. Select the "Power Off/On Switch" (3-7, Fig. 1) to "On" position.
  3. Select the sensor type (PT-100 ohm, type K, type J, type T, type E, type R) by push the "Sensor Select Button" (3-5, Fig. 1).
  4. Determine the display resolution to 0.1° or 0.01° by pushing "0.1/0.01° Button" (3-8, Fig. 1).
    * The meter can be selected the different resolution 0.01°C, 0.1°C, 0.01°F, 0.1°F, 1°C, 1°F.
    * Push the "0.1°/0.01° Button" once again, the display will get the alternation of high resolution and the low resolution.
  5. Data Hold:
    During the measurement, push the "Hold Button" (3-2, Fig. 1) will freeze the display value & LCD will show the "HOLD" marker. Push the "Hold Button" once again will release the data hold function.
  6. Relative Measurement
    - During the measurement, the circuit will memorize the last measured values if push the "REL. Button" (3-9, Fig. 1) at once, then LCD will show "0" & a "REL" marker appear on the LCD display.
    - The new measured temperature values will deduct above memorized "last measured value" automatically.
    - It will release the Relative Measurement function if push the REL. button at once again, at same time the "REL" marker will disappear.
    When marking the "Data Hold" & "Data Record" measurement, the Relative function is prohibited.
  7. Data Record (Max. and Min. reading)
    The Data Record function displays the maximum and minimum readings. To start the Data Record function, press the "Record Button" (3-3, Fig. 1) once.
    "REC" symbol will appear on the LCD display.
    With the "REC" symbol on the display:
    a) Push the "Recall Button" (3-4, Fig. 1) once, the "Max" symbol along with the maximum value will appear on the display.
    b) Push the "Recall Button" again, the "Min" symbol along with the minimum value will appear on the display.
    c) To exit the memory record function, push the "Record Button" once again. The display will revert back to the current reading.
  8. Offset Value adjustment
    - Caused by the environment temperature change or other reasons. The measuring value of the thermocouple sensor input (type K/J/T/E/R) may exist the drift of small digits.
    - If find that the measuring values exist deviation of small digits especially when measure the low temperature, then can adjust the "Offset Adjust VR" to make the compensation until get the correct reading exactly.

    The offset adjustment procedures are following:
    a) Plug in a typeK thermocouple probe to the input socket & Set the "Sensor Select Button" (3-5, Fig. 1) to the "Type K". Now the meter is measured the environment Temperature value.
    b) Use the fingers to hold on the "REL Button" (3-6, Fig. 1) together with the "Sensor Select Button" (3-5, Fig. 1) until the right down corner of LCD display show the "A" mark, use the screw driver to adjust the " Offset VR" (3-9, Fig. 1) until the display reading same as the environment temp, value exactly. Release the "REL Button" & the "Sensor Select Button", then the function will return to normal condition.
3-1 Display
3-2 Hold Button
3-3 Record Button
3-4 Recall Button
3-5 Sensor Select Button
3-6 Rel. ( Relative ) Button
3-7 Power On/Off Switch
3-8 0.01°/0.1° Button
3-9 Offset VR
3-10 C°/F° Button
3-11 Thermocouple Socket
3-12 Pt 100 ohm Probe Socket
3-13 RS-232 Output Socket
3-14 Battery Cover/Compartment

Aktakom ATE Easy Monitor (ATEE Monitor)

AKTAKOM ATE Easy Monitor software provides the numerical indication of 4 channel measurements as well as the data recording into file in CSV format. For the device connection the use of ACE-1025/ACE-1026 USB-RS232 interface converters is required.

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Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-A)

ADLM-A software is designed for data reading from devices of AKTAKOM ATT, ATE series, for measurement data acquisition, its processing, displaying and storage in a tablet PC with Android OS of 4.0 and more advanced versions.

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Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W)

ADLM-w software is designed for data reading from devices of AKTAKOM ATT, ATE series, for measurement data acquisition, its processing, displaying and storage in a PC with Windows XP x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7x32, Windows 8 x64, Windows Vista OS.

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(8.68 Mb)
Product registration required

El AKTAKOM ATE-2002 es un termmetro profesional con alta precisin y resolucin 0,01


  • Acepta mltiples tipos de entradas de sonda de temperatura: termopar platino PT 100 ohmios, tipo K / J / T / E / R
  • Entrada incorporada para sonda PT 100 con coeficiente alfa de 0,00385, cumple las normas DIN IEC 751
  • Sonda de alta precisin Pt-100ohm que opera con 4 hilos
  • Pantalla grande, LCD, muestra de -100 hasta 1370 C (tipo K)
  • Botn incorporado de seleccin C y F en el panel frontal
  • Interruptor de seleccin de 0,01 y 0,1 en el panel frontal
  • Funcin Data Hold para almacenar el valor deseado
  • Botn de seleccin del sensor en el panel frontal, fcil de cambiar las diferentes sondas
  • Funcin de memoria para grabar la lectura mxima y mnima con llamada de vuelta
  • Botn REL incorporado para la medicin relativa
  • Indicador de batera baja

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