ATE-1019 Thermo-Anemometer

AKTAKOM ATE-1019 Thermo-Anemometer
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AKTAKOM ATE-1019 performs measurement of wind velocity and temperature,value fixationand findingof max/min. Probe cable long 6.6' (2.0m)


Sensitive and accurate (ultra low friction jewel bearing)

  1. Ergonomic and easy-to-use design
  2. Read while measuring (detached vane)
  3. Large digits LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  4. 2 meters coiled cable and mounting nut for long extension
  5. Low power consumption
  6. Data/Max/Min hold function
  7. Built-in low battery indicator

Bearing: Sapphire jewel bearing
Temperature sensor: K-type thermocouple inside the probe

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Air velocity0...45 m/s
Air velocity accuracy3%0.1
Air velocity sensor typeLow-friction ball vane
Air temperature0...60 C / 32...140 F
Air temperature accuracy2 C / 4 F
Air temperature resolution0.1 C / 0.1 F
Data hold+
Min/Max measurement+
Special features-
Power supply9 V battery
DimensionsInstrument: 5.9 x 2.8 x 1.4 in / 150 x 72 x 35 mm, Probe: 2.6 x 5.2 x 1.2 in / 66 x 132 x 29.2 mm


Range of Wind Velocity:

  • m/s (meter per second): 0.0-45.00 (±3% ±0.1)
  • knots (nautical miles per hour):0.0-88.0 (±3% ±0.1)
  • ft/min (feet per minute):0-8800 (±3% ±0.1)
  • km/hr (kilometers per hour): 0.0-140.0 (±3% ±0.1)

Range of Temperature:

  • °C: 0 to 60.0 (±2°C)
  • °F: 32.0 to 140.0 (±4°F)

Meter :5.9x2.8x1.4in/150x72x35mm
Vane : 2.6x5.2x1.2in/66x132x29.2mm

Weight:12.4oz/350g (battery included)
Operating temperature: 0~50°C (32~ 122ºF)
Operating humidity: Less than 80%RH
Storage temperature: -40°C ~60°C (-40°F~ 140°F)
Battery type: 9V
Battery life: 50 hours (for 300mA-hrs battery)
Averaging period for wind speed measurement:
m/s 0.6s (approx.)
ft/min 1.2s (approx.)
knots 1.2s (approx.)
km/hr 2.2s (approx.)

1. 9V battery

2. gift box with carrying case

3. user manuals

Measurement of Wind Velocity

  1. Press the on/off button to turn on the anemometer
  2. Select the desired units by moving the unit selection button
  3. Determine the approximate wind direction
  4. Hold the anemometer so that the air flow will pass through the vane from the back to the front
  5. Wait for 4 seconds for a stabilized reading
  6. For more accurate results try to keep the axis of the vane within 20° of the wind direction.

Temperature measurement

  1. Press on/off button to turn on the anemometer
  2. Select the desired units by moving the unit °C/F selection button
  3. Let the wind pass through the vane (A thermocouple is built into the center of the vane)
  4. Read the temperature in the display.

El AKTAKOM ATE-1019 permite la medicin de la velocidad del viento y la temperatura, fijarel valor y la bsquedaen max / min. El largo de la Sondaes de6.6' (2.0 m)


Sensible y preciso (ultra bajafriccin gracias al rodamiento de joyero)

  1. Diseo Ergonmico y fcil de usar.
  2. Permite leer mientras se mide (independiente de la veleta).
  3. Gran pantalla LCD de dgitos (Liquid Crystal Display).
  4. Dos metros de cable en espiral ytuerca de montaje paraextensin.
  5. Bajo consumo de energa.
  6. Funcin de retencin de Datoscon Max / Min.
  7. Indicador de batera baja.

Cojinete: Cojinete joya de zafiro
Sensor de temperatura: termopar tipo K en el interior de la sonda

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