ASE-1102 Professional Temperature Controlled Soldering station

AKTAKOM ASE-1102 Professional Temperature Controlled Soldering station
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Warranty:14 months
User's Manual:Download

Temperature controlled soldering station with high-quality easy replaceable ceramic heating element, 392°F to 842°F / 200°C to 450°C temperature range; 45W.

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AKTAKOM ASE-1102 soldering station is especially recommended for transistors and microchips assembly produced in accordance with CMOS technology. The temperature can be easily regulated with a rotary switch on the front panel.

AKTAKOM ASE-1102 durable soldering station is equipped with high-quality heating element that can be easily replaced. This heating element is covered with alumoceramic layer and inserted into ceramic housing. Such a reliable structure fully isolates the heating element from the environment effect and therefore protects the heating element from corrosion providing its high durability accordingly.

Multilayer (copper, steel and stannum) cover of the tip operating part has excellent thermal conduction and provides optimal high effective heat transmission. ASE-1102 soldering station is capable of assembling with 482-536F / 250-280C tip temperature completely guaranteeing the safety of printed conductors and electronic components.


  • Light soldering iron
  • The ergonomic design of the soldering iron handle provides convenient work
  • The handle covering is made of silicone rubber
  • Simplicity of calibration
  • Sliding tray for sponge
  • Equipped with a long life high quality easy replaceable Japanese ceramic heater which provides fast heat up and heat recovery. Isolation resistance: 100 MΩ at 750F / 400
  • Temperature controlled soldering station assures accurate steady temperature. The temperature range: 392F to 842F / 200C to 450C
  • The soldering station has a temperature control lock to avoid unnecessary temperature adjustment by user
  • Zero voltage switching provides low noise and greater components protection.
  • Soldering iron can be easily replaced



AC Input: 110-120V, 60Hz
Temperature Range: 392F to 932F / 200C to 500C
Dimensions: 6.7×4.7×­4.1in/170×120×105mm
Weight: 3.8 lb/1.7 kg 

Soldering iron:

Power Consumption: 45W at 660F/345C
Heating element: Ceramic heater
Leakage is less than 0.4mV

1. Power cable

2. Soldering iron holder

3. Soldering iron

4. Sliding tray for sponge

5. User manual

Operation instructions

  • Ensure working voltage matches your power supply before plugging into the station
  • Check carefully any possible damage during transportation
  • Set temperature by rotating temperature control knob on the front panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How ASE-1102 Soldering Station is designed?

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    How ASE-1102 Soldering Station is designed?

    ASE-1102 soldering station design is shown below:

    ASE-1102 soldering station design


    La estacin de soldadura AKTAKOM ASE-1102 est especialmente recomendada para transistores y conjuntos de microchips producidos de acuerdo con la tecnologa CMOS. La temperatura se puede regular fcilmente con un interruptor giratorio en el panel frontal.

    La estacin de soldadura durable AKTAKOM ASE-1102 est equipada con un elemento de calentamiento de alta calidad que se puede reemplazar fcilmente. Este elemento calentamiento est cubierto con una capa de alumocermica y se inserta en la carcasa de cermica. Una estructura fiable de este tipo asla completamente el elemento calefactor del efecto ambiental y, por lo tanto, protege el elemento calefactor de la corrosin, lo que proporciona su alta durabilidad en consecuencia.

    La cubierta multicapa (cobre, acero y estao) de la parte operativa de la punta tiene una excelente conduccin trmica y proporciona una transmisin de calor ptima y altamente efectiva.


    • Soldador ligero
    • El diseo ergonmico del mango de soldador proporciona un trabajo conveniente
    • La cubierta del mango est hecha de caucho de silicona.
    • Simplicidad de calibracin.
    • Bandeja deslizante para esponja.
    • Equipado con un calentador de cermica japons reemplazable y de larga duracin, de alta calidad, que proporciona un calentamiento rpido y una recuperacin del calor. Resistencia de aislamiento: 100 MΩ a 750 F / 400 C
    • La estacin de soldadura de temperatura controlada asegura una temperatura constante y precisa. El rango de temperatura: 392 F a 842 F / 200 C a 450 C
    • La estacin de soldadura tiene un bloqueo de control de temperatura para evitar ajustes innecesarios de temperatura por parte del usuario
    • La conmutacin de voltaje cero proporciona un bajo ruido y una mayor proteccin de los componentes.
    • El soldador puede ser reemplazado fcilmente

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