ACM-2025 200 A AC/DC Pocket Current Clamp Meter. True RMS and Open Jaws

AKTAKOM ACM-2025 200 A AC/DC Pocket Current Clamp Meter. True RMS and Open Jaws
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Warranty:1 year
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True RMS

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AKTAKOM ACM-2025 uses the fork current sensing structure that provides easy to use application for current measurement, it is not necessary to open the jaws as compared to traditional clamp meters


  • 200 Amp ACA, DCA for fork current measurement
  • The design meets IEC 1010 CATIII 600V safety requirement
  • 2000 counts, multi-functional
  • Measurement for ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV, Ohms, continuity beeper
  • True RMS measuring reading for ACV and ACA function
  • Data hold
  • Peak hold
  • Overload protection circuit is provided for all ranges
  • LSI circuit provides high reliability and durability
  • Pocketand slim housing case, easy carryout
  • Compactand heavy duty ABS housing fireproof plastic case

DC Voltage (DCV)600 V
DCV Accuracy(0.8%+1)
DCV Resolution1 V
AC Voltage (ACV)600 V
ACV Accuracy(1.0%+2)
ACV Resolution1 V
DC Current (DCA)200 A
DCA Accuracy(2.0%+5)
DCA Resolution0.1 A
AC Current (ACA)200 A
ACA Accuracy(2.0%+8)
ACA Resolution0.1 A
Resistance0.1...200 Ω
Continuity check+
True RMS+
Data hold+
Peak hold+
Special featuresOpen Jaws
Jaw size0.6 in / 15 mm
DisplayLCD, 2000 counts
Power supply9 V battery
Dimensions6.9 x 2.4 x 1.6 in / 175 x 58 x 40 mm

Accuracy tables

DC Voltage

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValue Value+error
600 V 1 V (0.8%+2 digits) 6.792 V V

AC Voltage

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
600 V 1 V (1%+2 digits) 7.99 V V

DC Current

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
200 A 0.1 A (2%+5 digits) 4.498 A A

AC Current

RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
200 A 0.1 A (2%+8 digits) 4.798 A A


RangeResolutionAccuracyAbsolute errorValue-errorValueValue+error
200 Ω 0.1 Ω (1%+2 digits) 2.199 Ω


General specifications:

Display: 12.2mm (0.48") LCD, 3 1/2 digits; Max. indication 1999
Measurement range: ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV, Ohms, Continuity beeper
Polarity: Automatic Switching, "-" indicates negative polarity
Current Sensor: Hall effect sensor

Zero adjustment:

  • DCA: Push bottom adjustment
  • Other ranges: Automatic adjustment

Over-input: Indication of OL
Sampling Time: Approx. 0.35 second
Operating temperature: 0 to 50C (32 to 122F)
Operating humidity: Less than 80% RH.
Max. fork jaw, open size: 0.59in/15mm Dia.

Electrical specifications (235C):

Function Range Resolution Accuracy Overload protection
DCV ACV (true rms) 600V 1V DCV: (0.8%+1d) ACV: (1%+2d) AC/DC 600V
DCA ACA (true rms) 200A ACA: 0.5 to 200A 0.1A DCA: (2%+5d) ACA: (2%+8d) AC/DC 200A


  • True RMS measuring reading for ACV and ACA function
  • Input impedance for ACV & DCV range is 9Mohm
  • ACA, ACV frequency response is from 40 to 1KHz
  • ACA, ACV specifications are tested on sine wave 50/60Hz
Function Range Resolution Accuracy Overload protection
Ohm 200 Ohm 0.1 Ohm (1%+2d) AC/DC 400V
Continuity If the measuring resistance is less than 10 ohm the beeper will sound
Peak Hold Acquisition Time: Approx. 800ms. Application: Use for measuring transient signal for current

Dimensions: 6.9x2.4x1.6in/176x60x41mm

Weight: 0.45lb/205g (including battery)


Standard accessories

  • Operation manual
  • Test lead (red & black)

Functions illustration

Thanks to wide functionality, special design and compact size ACM-2025 can accomplish a wide range of electrical, service and domestic tasks:

1. Inductive non-contact True RMS AC and DC current measurements (e.g.: circuit breaker load current).

Thanks to the True RMS feature the instrument is capable to measure non-sinusoidal signals.
DCA ZERO button helps to clear the display in DC measurement mode.
Compact size of open clamp "jaws" makes it easier to work in hard-to-reach places and wire bundles.

2. Current consumption peak value measurements (DATA HOLD and PEAK HOLD buttons fix current or peak values (800 ms) on the display).

This allows to optimize the load on the individual outlet power lines in the room and identify the cause of the sudden breaker tripping or fuse blowing.

3. AC Voltage measurements (e.g.: at the feeder switchboard breaker poles).

The voltage tester function is built-in: just connect the standard test leads (included).

4. DC voltage measurements (e.g.: laptop adapter DC output connector).

DC voltage device diagnostic with automatic polarity indicator enriches the field of use.

5. Resistance measurements (e.g.: PCB components).

Circuits and individual components (including SMD) resistance measurements.

6. Continuity test (e.g.: AC/DC laptop adapter earth core continuity test; board circuits testing).

Audible alarm is triggered automatically in resistance measurement mode if the value is less than 3 Ohms.

La pinza amperimtrica AKTACOM ACM-2025 utiliza el tenedor sensitivo anterior para obtener una medicin rpida. No es necesario abrir las mandbulas en comparacin con las pinzas tradicionales.

Este detector puede medir corrientes sin contacto tan solo al aproximar el tenedor delantero, cuenta con una slida carcasa irrompible resistente al fuego con una proteccin de goma que la hace muy manejable para el usuario. Por su forma de tenedor no requiere espacio para abrir las mandbulas en zonas muy reducidas o de difcil acceso. Todas las funciones vienen con proteccin por sobrecarga, lo que ofrece un mximo de seguridad para el usuario. Podr usar el detector de corriente para conductores con un dimetro de hasta 19/32” (15mm). Es una herramienta muy til para el servicio tcnico o uso personal. Ha sido construido con circuitos lgicos LSI que le otorgan una alta fiabilidad y durabilidad.


1. Pantalla digital LCD (12.2mm), 3 posiciones con un mximo de 1999 dgitos.
2. Proteccin electrnica de sobrecarga.
3. Funcin de memorizacin de valores (Data Hold) y valor extremo (Peak Hold).
4. RMS verdadero para voltaje y corriente Alterna.
5. Carcasa doble moldeada.
6. Medicin de resistencia hasta 200 ohm y control de continuidad con zumbador.
7. Corriente alterna hasta 200 A.
8. Tensin hasta 600 V CA/CD.
9. Funcin de punto cero DCA.
10. Dimetro mximo del conductor: 19/32 (15mm).
11. Indicador de voltaje de batera bajo.

Botn de mantencin de valores

Para congelar la lectura del medidor LCD, presione el botn HOLD de datos. Presione el botn HOLD de nuevo para volver al funcionamiento normal.


  • Asegrese que la batera CD 9V est conectada con la polaridad correcta.
  • No exceda el mximo de voltaje aconsejado.
  • Coloque las pinzas roja y negra en la entrada correcta antes de medir.
  • Siempre coloque el botn conmutador en OFF para apagar el equipo.

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