Advantages of long handles of Tronex tools

Advantages of long handles of Tronex tools


Customers are usually split on their preferences concerning the handle length of pliers and other tolls they choose.

Below you may see the list of benefits which can help you to make the right choice.

Standard/Shorter Handles:

  • Lighter weight
  • Fit well into small hands
  • Are smaller to pack for storage or traveling
  • Can sometimes feel "closer" to the work and can feel like you have more control
  • Cost slightly less than Tronex longer handle tools

Longer, Ergonomic Handles:

  • Can get 4 fingers on the handles for more leverage
  • Usually feel more comfortable in larger hands
  • Length prevents the end of the handle from hitting pressure points in the palm of the hand
  • Can ease pressure over the length of the handle resulting in less strain on the hand


  • Most Tronex tools are available in both versions
  • Model numbers starting with a "5" are standard handles, model numbers starting with a "7" are longer, ergonomic handles
  • Longer handle tools are 1 inch longer than shorter handle tools
  • Tronex Longer handle tools are cost only slightly more than standard handle tools.

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