New models of AKTAKOM ESD stools in our store


As we wrote before it’s important to pay special attention to protection means against static electricity when you are going to equip your laboratory.

ESD stools should correspond to the high strength performance and be made of conductive material. Wheels and feet are made of graphite-containing material with good conductive features providing discharge runoff very smoothly and steadily.

Our ESD chairs and stools family keeps on growing. Let us introduce new AKTAKOM stools: AEC-3511 and AEC-3515.


The main features of these new models are as follows:

  • Chromized pentactinal base with diameter: AEC-3511: 460 mm / 18.1 in on 5 ESD-wheels; AEC-3515: diameter: 460 mm / 18.1 in on 5 ESD-feet. Chromized pentactinal base is very reliable and resistant and is able to keep good external view for a long time. There is no plastic material which easily gets dirty from worker’s feet.
  • Reentrant resistance to “ground”: 0.5…1 MΩ.
  • Height pneumatic adjustment: 200 mm / 7.9 in
  • Comfortable seat made of vinyl (AEC-3511) and PU leather (AEC-3515)
  • Seat height: 440…580 mm / 17.3…22.8 in

Present models are already available from our stock.

Find more details about our ESD chairs and stools here.

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