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Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute measurement error" service allows you to estimate the measurement accuracy considering uncertainty (error) in the absolute value. It’s important if you take measurements at the range edge when the error value contributes to the value displayed on the device screen.

To get the value range it’d be enough to enter the estimate of the value under measurement into Value input field and to see the range of possible values taking all of the standardized errors into consideration.

Note: a point is used as a separator of the integer and fractional part.

Software delivery

Compatible with: 
ADS-2022 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 25MHz 500MSa/s
ADS-2042M Digital Storage Oscilloscope 40MHz 1GSa/s
ADS-2062 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 60MHz 1GSa/s
ADS-2062M Digital Storage Oscilloscope 60MHz 1GSa/s
ADS-2102 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz 1GSa/s
ADS-2102M Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz 1GSa/s
ADS-2152 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 150MHz 1GSa/s
ADS-2152M Digital Storage Oscilloscope 150MHZ 1GSa/s
ADS-5302 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 300MHz 2GSa/s

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