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Rohde & Schwarz R&S®FSH4 / R&S®FSH8 handheld spectrum analyzers measure 3GPP WCDMA BTS/Node B code domain power


The new R&S®FSH-K44E measurement application makes R&S®FSH4/R&S®FSH8 handheld spectrum analyzers ready for 3GPP WCDMA BTS/Node B code domain power measurements.

The R&S®FSH4/R&S®FSH8 spectrum analyzer with the WCDMA measurement applications is a cost-effective solution for installation and maintenance of 3GPP WCDMA base stations. There are two measurement applications available for WDCMA: The R&S®FSH-K44 option offers a 3GPP WCDMA BTS/Node B pilot channel and EVM measurement. The R&S®FSH K44E option adds 3GPP WCDMA BTS/Node B code domain power measurements.

The WCDMA measurement applications include various measurement results, allowing users to also detect transmitter impairments (such as clipping or intermodulation) that are difficult to recognize in the spectrum. This all-in-one, scalable solution for in-depth WCDMA measurements will provide customers with the following benefits:

  • Scalable WCDMA solution due to concept of basic and extended measurement application
  • Various RF and modulation measurements for WCDMA signals including result summary, code domain power and isotropic antenna measurements
  • Excellent sensitivity for better scrambling code detection and CPICH measurement of a high number of base stations in the surrounding area
  • Easy operation, with the first measurement result obtained in just three steps
  • WCDMA RF measurements included in R&S®FSH4/ R&S®FSH8 base unit

Rohde & Schwarz

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