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STA-61 Sync Tester Updates

STA-61 Sync Tester Updates


Spectracom released version 1.9 of the product's firmware. This update package is available through the public web site. It is recommended to update all fielded units with this upgrade. The notable improvements include:

  • Signal testing of frequencies up to 200 MHz
  • Absolute time-internval-error (TIE) calculations such as the case of measuring phase offset between an external 1 pps and the 1 pps from the internal GPS, a critical parameter for time synchronization testing for time-division-duplexed (TDD) LTE networks and digital broadcast single frequency networks, etc.
  • New masks for pass-fail testing Synchronous Ethernet.
  • Various bug fixes and other improvements.

A new release of WanderView for STA-61 software was made along with the new STA-61 firmware. The firmware is available online.

STA-61 firmware and WanderView upgrade

STA-61 datasheet update

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