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GPS/GNSS Simulator Updates

GPS/GNSS Simulator Updates


The GSG-62 L1+L2 Dual Frequency 32-channel Multi-GNSS Simulator is shipping! In AugustSpectracom released an update to GSG StudioView scenario builder software to correspond to all the new capabilities in the GSG-62 including multi-frequency simulation. Version 2.0 also includes several improvements to how trajectories are managed, as well as other enhancements. The software is compatible with all existing license keys. Release notes and the installation package is available through the public web site.

GSG Applications Tip

Many GPS receivers supply power on its GPS antenna connection. Customers will often ask how this will effect the simulator. Our GPS simulators offer internal DC-blocking up to 7 VDC (470 ohm nominal load). We are currently adding this note as a specification on each model's datasheet.

Marketing Resources

Spectracom continues to generate marketing content to aid in the promotion of our GPS simulators. A few recent pieces that may be useful for marketing and sales efforts:

1. An article by CTO, John Fischer, describes the trend toward dual-GNSS receivers for the automotive market. The article "Navigating with more than GPS" can be found on Penton media's web portal, Automotive Electronics.

2. As an introduction to GPS simulation Spectracom has created a white paper titled "What is a GPS Simulator". The pdf is available for download from the public web site.

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