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Agilent Technologies Announces FuturePlus Support for DDR4 Measurements

Agilent Technologies Announces FuturePlus Support for DDR4 Measurements


Agilent Technologies Inc. announced new DDR4 DIMM and SO-DIMM interposer support for the Agilent U4154A, the fastest logic analyzer in the industry. The new interposers from FuturePlus Systems deliver the widest range of DDR4 support, both in product functionality and performance for the Agilent U4154A.

These industry-first DDR4 interposers provide access to address, command, control and data signals on JEDEC standard DDR4 DIMM and SO-DIMM sockets to the U4154A logic analyzer. The new interposers enable a broad range of functionality for debugging and validating the DDR4 bus while using the Agilent U4154A logic analyzer including eye scans of signals at the DDR4 interposers for bus-level insights into signal integrity.

The FS2501 DIMM interposer is an industry-leading product that provides a passive connection from the customer's DDR4 target to the Agilent U4154A logic analyzer and provides customers with DDR4 2133 1.2 V operation for address, command, control and data capture.

The FS2502 SO-DIMM interposer provides a similar passive connection from the customer's DDR4 SO-DIMM target to the Agilent U4154A logic analyzer.

FuturePlus Systems has supported Agilent logic analyzers with DDR bus interposers since the inception of the DDR memory standard. The company's DDR4 products are used by designers involved with DDR4 DIMM or SO-DIMM memory system failure analysis and bus functional-parametric validation in PC gaming, servers, super-computing, high-definition television, laptops, desktops and mobile computing applications.

Pricing, Availability and Additional Information

All DDR4 products that support the new Agilent U4154A will be available four weeks after receipt of order. The new FS2501 DDR4 DIMM interposer and the FS2502 DDR4 SO-DIMM interposer are priced at $40,000 each (US).

Additional details are available at www.futureplus.com/DDR4-Memory/agilent-la-support-overview.html and www.agilent.com/find/U4154A.

Information about FuturePlus Systems Corp. may be found at www.futureplus.com.

Agilent Technologies Inc., www.agilent.com

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