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ABM-4083 Benchtop Digital Multimeter

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Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute error of my measurement" service allows evaluating measurement precision considering measurement uncertainty (or error) in absolute value. It is important in case you are making measurements at the range edge, when the value of error contributes into the value displayed by the device.

To get the range of values it’s enough to enter the evaluation of the value under measurement into Value box and to see the range of possible values including all of the standard errors.

Software delivery

  • Test leads (pair)

  • USB-Host cable.- 1

  • Power Cord

AKTAKOM ABM-4083 Benchtop Digital Multimeter
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USB Device RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232) True RMS

Digital Multimeter AKTAKOM ABM-4083 is a benchtop instrument designed to cover all basic measurement needs. USB and RS-232 interfaces provide easy system communication.

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Digital multimeter AKTAKOM ABM-4083 is a benchtop instrument designed for AC and DC voltage and current, resistance and frequency measurements. Its 12 different measurement functions: DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ω2W/Ω4W, frequency/period, diode test, continuity, dB/dBm cover all basic measurement needs. USB and RS-232 Interfaces provide easy system communication.


  • 12 different measurement functions: DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ω2W/Ω4W, frequency/period, diode, continuity, dB/dBm, etc
  • Maximum reading of 1200000 digits
  • DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.0035%, resolution of 1μV DCV
  • True RMS AC voltage and current measurements, frequency up to 300kHz
  • MAX Measurement rate: 45 times/second
  • Equal accuracy frequency measurement more than 1MHz, minimum resolution of 10μHz
  • Good reading stability, high accuracy and high measurement rate
  • High-brightness vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), 6 1/2 digits 
  • Zeroing (REL) mode to eliminate residual reading
  • 2W and 4W resistance measurement modes selectable
  • Build-in mathematics calculation functions: mX+b, %, dB, dBm
  • 512 readings storage and MAX/MIN/AVER/STD statistics
  • HI/IN/LO comparator function
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces for convenient system communication
  • Calibration performed without opening the cover
  • 10 sets of measurement states saved and recalled up

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