APS-3205 DC Power Supply 315W 30V / 5A 2CH+1Aux

Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute measurement error" service allows you to estimate the measurement accuracy considering uncertainty (error) in the absolute value. It’s important if you take measurements at the range edge when the error value contributes to the value displayed on the device screen.

To get the value range it’d be enough to enter the estimate of the value under measurement into Value input field and to see the range of possible values taking all of the standardized errors into consideration.

Note: a point is used as a separator of the integer and fractional part.

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  • Power Cord

  • User Manual

AKTAKOM APS-3205 DC Power Supply 315W 30V / 5A 2CH+1Aux
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Warranty: 1 year
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Highly reliable regulated DC power supply. It can be widely used in laboratories, electronics production lines, communications equipment repair; a must have device for scientific research, production, teaching and other applications. 30V, 5A. Channels: 2 adjustable and 1 auxiliary

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Replaced By ATH-3335

The AKTAKOM APS-3205 is a highly reliable regulated DC power supply providing high precision and high stability. This model can be widely used in laboratories, electronics production lines, communications equipment repair. It’s a must have device for scientific research, production, teaching and other applications.

As the most of other multichannel power supplies AKTAKOM APS-3205 uses parallel and series connection of controlled channels. This feature allows you to use multichannel model as a single channel device. At the same time the maximum voltage value can be increased up to 60 V (in series connection of channels). In parallel connection the output current value can be increased twice.

To ease the operation process there is tracking control mode used both with parallel or series connection of channels.


  • High performance and efficiency
  • All new international design
  • 0.01% High Regulation
  • Four LED displays
  • Constant voltage and constant current operation
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Overload and reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Powerful strong fan and overheat protection
  • Ideal for educational institutions and research labs
  • Nominal voltage 110V/220V

Output voltage0...30 V
Output voltage accuracy±0.5% + 200 mV
Output voltage display resolution0.1 V
Output current0...5 A
Output current accuracy±0.5% + 20 mA
Output current display resolution0.01 A
Output power315 W
Ripple and Noise≤1 mVrms
Load stability≤0.01% + 3 mV (<3 A)
Series working method60 V / 5 A
Parallel working method30 V / 10 A
Display4 LED
Power supply110 V / 220 V
Dimensions15.9 x 10.2 x 6.3 in

Replaced by ATH-3335


  • Channels: Double Adjustable Independed Channels + Auxiliary Channel
  • Rated Output Voltage: 0~30V (Dual Channel, Adjustable)
  • Rated Output Current: 0~5A (Dual Channel, Adjustable)
  • Rated Output Power: 315W
  • Voltage/Current Accuracy: ±0.5%rdg+2dg
  • Display resolution: 0.1V (Voltage) / 0.01A (Current) 
  • Ripple And Noise: ≤1mVrms
  • Load Regulation (<3A): ≤0.01%+3mV
  • Auxiliary Power Voltage: 5V
  • Auxiliary Power Current: 3A
  • Series Parallel Working Method: series adjustable rate – <300 mV; Ripple and Noise – <2 mVrms 5 Hz-1MHz
  • Dimensions: 405x260x160mm/15.9x10.2x6.3in
  • Power Cord

  • User Manual

Power supply controls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?
  • Can APS-3205 (APS-3203) power supply be used to supply the amplifiers on operational amplifiers?

  • May I use AKTAKOM power supplies to charge accumulators?

    AKTAKOM power supplies can’t be used for accumulator charging since it may cause the accumulator breakage (recharge, electrolyte boiling, extra pressure of the internal gas which will lead to the accumulator explosion). Accumulators should be charged with the current source which controls the accumulator voltage and regulates the charging current accordingly. When the required accumulator voltage is achieved such type of source simply stops the charging process, its name is a charging device.


    Can APS-3205 (APS-3203) power supply be used to supply the amplifiers on operational amplifiers?

    These amplifiers require bipolar power supply +15 V.

    In APS-3205 (APS-3203) such bipolar power supply is provided by the connection of output sockets of two different channels in order to get a general output (pic.1). Such a connection is very similar to the connection of two batteries to get a general power output (pic.2).

    It’s recommended to choose tracking – control mode in the power unit. In that case supply voltage change will be made simultaneously in two channels of the power supply and voltage in two amplifier arms will be the same respectively.

    La fuente de poder AKTAKOM APS-3205 es una fuente de corriente continua de alta fiabilidad y de voltaje constante. Tiene características tales como limite por voltaje bajo y protección de cortocircuito. Esta serie puede ser ampliamente utilizada en laboratorios, líneas de producción de electrónica y reparación de equipos de comunicaciones. Es un dispositivo necesario para la investigación científica, la producción, la docencia y otras esferas.

    La fuente de poder de corriente directa es de dos canal más uno auxiliar. Voltaje nominal de 0 a 30V (dos canales ajustable). Corriente nominal 0~5 A (dos canales ajustable). Potencia nominal 195 W. Precisión Tensión/Corriente ± 0.5% lectura + 2 dígitos. Pantallas de 4 Leds con una resolución de 0,1 V (voltaje) / 0,01 A (actual). Vibración y ruido: ≤ 1 mVrms. Carga de Estabilidad (<3 A): ≤ 0,1% 5 mV. Fuente de potencia auxiliar 5V/3A trabajando en paralello, tasa de ajustable serial <300 mV; Vibración y ruido <2 mVrms 5Hz-1MHz. Dimensiones: 405x260x160 mm / 15.9x10.2x6.3"


    • Diseño ligero y compacto
    • 0.01% Regulación de alta
    • Pantalla con 4 Leds indicadores
    • Regimen de operación constante de voltaje y corriente
    • Baja vibración y ruido
    • Protección de sobrecarga y polaridad invertida
    • Limite de corriente por bajo voltaje y protección de cortocircuito
    • Ventilador de potencia alta y protección por temperatura alta
    • Ideal para Laboratorios educativos. Muy seguro para su uso


    Input VoltageAC 110V/220V ±10%
    Output CurrentCH1 0-5A,CH2 0-5A,CH3 5A
    Output Power315W
    Output VoltageCH1 0-30V,CH2 0-30V,CH3 2.5V/3.3V

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