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APS-3320 DC Power Supply 600W 30V / 20A

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Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute measurement error" service allows you to estimate the measurement accuracy considering uncertainty (error) in the absolute value. It’s important if you take measurements at the range edge when the error value contributes to the value displayed on the device screen.

To get the value range it’d be enough to enter the estimate of the value under measurement into Value input field and to see the range of possible values taking all of the standardized errors into consideration.

Note: a point is used as a separator of the integer and fractional part.

Software delivery

  • Pair of high power Cables with connectors

  • Power Cord

  • User Manual

AKTAKOM APS-3320 DC Power Supply 600W 30V / 20A
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AKTAKOM APS-3320 Single Output DC Regulated Bench supply with Adjustable Current limit. Large Digital Display with LED meter displays Volts & Amps. Push button switch allows connection & removal of load. Multi-turn Voltage control for precise settings. 1mV RMS ripple. Front panel output Banana Jacks & Terminal strip for remote Voltmeter Sensing at the load.


  • Input: 110/220VAC 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output: 0-30VDC @ 0-20A
  • SMD technology
  • Attractive digital display shows voltage and current
  • Cooling fan
  • High precision voltage regulation
  • Proqressive current regulation
  • Dual terminal system: Safety test style or expandable screw terminals
  • Overtoad protection circuit
  • Output polarity: positive or negative
  • Rugged reinforced metal frame construction
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 10.4x5.5x14.2in/262x140x360mm
  • Weight: 26lb/12kg

Output voltage0...30 V
Output voltage accuracy±(1% + 20 mV)
Output voltage display resolution10 mV
Output current0...20 A
Output current accuracy±(1% + 20 mA)
Output current display resolution10 mA
Output power600 W
Ripple and Noise5 mV
Load stability±(1% + 10 mV)
Display2 LED displays
Power supply110/220 V
Dimensions10.4 x 5.5 x 14.2 in / 262 x 140 x 360 mm


  • Regulated Single Channel with Current Limit
  • Input: 110VAC 60Hz
  • Output: 0-30VDC @ 0-20A
  • Rated Output Power: 600W
  • SMD technology
  • Digital display shows voltage and current with LEDs
  • Cooling fan
  • High precision voltage regulation
  • Display resolution: 10mV (Voltage) / 10mA (Current)
  • Ripple And Noise: ≤1mVrms
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 10.4x5.5x14.2in/262x140x360mm
  • Weight: 26lb/12kg
  • Pair of high power Cables with connectors

  • Power Cord

  • User Manual

Operation instructions

  1. Press the power on/off button to turn power on. 
  2. Adjust the voltage knob to set the desired voltage. (Voltage level is shown on the digital display). 
  3. Adjust the current level pot with a small regular screwdriver to set the (maximum) desired current level. (The current of the power supply is set to be the maximum at the factory). 
  4. Connecting a load to the output terminals and pressing the output switch will illuminate the output indicator light and the current output can be read on the digital display.
1. Voltage indication
2. Current indication
3. +S output port
4. -S output port
5. -Output port
6. +Output port
7. -Output terminal
8. +Output terminal
9. Power switch
10. Output light
11. Output switch
12. Voltage adjustment knob
13. Current adjustment pot
14. Chassis ground

Power supply to load four-wire connection method

The sampling terminals are used under the following conditions: if the load has a distance from the power supply, the sampling terminals may be used to compensate for the inherent when using voltage drop a longer power line.

Sampling terminals connection to compensate the voltage drop:
Voltage drop compensation
Sampling connection diagram:

Attention: Disconnect the installed S- and S+ shorting wires when using the sampling connections.

Fuente de Poder CD regulable con limite de corriente ajustable de una salida. Pantalla grande digital con indicador LED para mostrar voltios y amperios. Boton interruptor de salida y eliminación de carga. Control de multivuelta para el ajuste preciso del voltaje. Rizado RMS 5mV. Conectores en el panel frontal tipo "Banana" y regleta de salida para voltimetro de teledetección de la carga.


  • Entrada: 110 VAC 60 Hz
  • Salida: 0-30VDC @ 0-20A
  • Tecnología SMD
  • Pantalla digital atractiva muestra de voltaje y corriente
  • Ventilador de enfriamiento
  • Alta precisión de regulación del voltaje
  • Regulación Proqresiva de la Corriente
  • Dos Sistemas de terminales: Banana con seguridad y de tornillos expandibles
  • Protección de sobrecarga del circuito
  • Polaridad de la salida: positivo o negativo
  • Marco robusto con metal reforzado
  • Dimensiones (AxHxL): 10.4 "x 5.5" x14.2 "(262x140x360 mm)
  • Peso: 26 libras (12 Kg)

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