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AMM-1139 Professional Industrial Precision Digital Multimeter

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Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute error of my measurement" service allows evaluating measurement precision considering measurement uncertainty (or error) in absolute value. It is important in case you are making measurements at the range edge, when the value of error contributes into the value displayed by the device.

To get the range of values it’s enough to enter the evaluation of the value under measurement into Value box and to see the range of possible values including all of the standard errors.

Software delivery

1. Test leads

2. 9V battery

3. Type K temperature probe


4. Gift box with carrying case

5. USB cable

The software in the standard package of the device has no physical media (CD) and can be downloaded at www.tmatlantic.com after the purchasing and registering the equipment with a serial number. This software is paid-for and its cost is included into device value. In the new version of the software, when connecting the unit for the first time, it will ask for a license (access key). It is available online after product registration. Insert the entire character set by coping and pasting it from www.tmatlantic.com. Follow the instructions on the site. We recommend that you make and keep a copy of the downloaded software. Follow our websites news releases to receive software updates.


Recording your Software on CD

AKTAKOM AMM-1139 Professional Industrial Precision Digital Multimeter
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Warranty: 1 year
User's Guide: Download
Installation Guide: Download
Wireless USB True RMS Bar graph indicator

Click on Application Tab to see how ACM-1139 Application Software works!

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AKTAKOM AMM-1139 is a Professional Digital Multimeter which provides safe measurements with double molded plastic housing design and IP67 waterproof function. AMM-1139 performs like data logger & True RMS AC voltage and current measurements, 40,000 counts resolution and 0.06% basic DC accuracy for all ranges. Bar graph indication and frequency measurement path and backlit ensures that all indicates are easy to read under all circumstances. All inputs are protected to EN 610101-1 CATIV 600V/CATIII 1000V.


  • 40,000 counts high resolution (0.01mV, 0.01μA, 0.01Ω)
  • Bar graph indication and frequency measurement path & Backlit
  • AC+DC Measurement
  • 9999 Readings memories
  • True RMS measurement & Peak capture mode
  • 1000V input protection on all ranges
  • 4-20mA process loop measurements with % reading
  • Data Hold/MAX/MIN recording mode
  • IP67 Waterproof and Auto Power Off
  • Wide capacitance range
  • Wireless USB interface

Safety Conformance

  • EN61010-1 CATIV 600V, CATIII 1000V
  • 1000V input protection on all ranges
  • 10A/1000V & 0.5A/1000V fuses protection on current ranges

Now available under Application Tab How to use AMM-1139 Software illustrated in detail

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