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HDS1021M Handheld Oscilloscope 20MHz 100MSa/s

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Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute error of my measurement" service allows evaluating measurement precision considering measurement uncertainty (or error) in absolute value. It is important in case you are making measurements at the range edge, when the value of error contributes into the value displayed by the device.

To get the range of values it’s enough to enter the evaluation of the value under measurement into Value box and to see the range of possible values including all of the standard errors.

Software delivery

1. Power adapter

2. Oscilloscope Probe x 1 (grey)

3. Multimeter test lead x 2 (black and red)

4. Extension module for big current measurement
5. Module for small capacitance measurement
6. Probe adjustment tools

7. USB communication cable

8. User Manual

9. CD-ROM (software)

10. Soft carrying case

11. The Output terminal of 1Khz 5V square-wave test signal

OWON HDS1021M Handheld Oscilloscope 20MHz 100MSa/s
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Brand: OWON
Warranty: 1 year
User's Guide: Download
Installation Guide: Download
USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Low-cost handheld oscilloscope for signals research and the electrical parameters measurement. Application: design and debug, circuit function test, education, technical training, maintenance testing.

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See our HDS1022M-N model it has more functions, trigger types and power adaptors.

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Classic Scopemeter (Digital storage oscilloscope + Digital Multimeter). DSO: Single channels; bandwidth 20MHz; sample rate (Real time) 100MSa/s; record length 6K points on each channel; cursor and automeasurement (20 types); trigger type: edge, video; peak detect and average. DMM: 3¾ digits; VDC, VAC, DC, AC, resistance, capacitance, diode test, on-off test. Display: 3.5'' color LCD, TFT screen, 320×240 pixels; 110-220V; Dimensions: 7.1x4.5x1.6in/180x115x40mm. Weight: 16oz/455g

Please click to learn how it works. OWON App Software PDF file

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