Calibration Certificate Full Data for Oscilloscope

Absolute error of my measurement

"Absolute measurement error" service allows you to estimate the measurement accuracy considering uncertainty (error) in the absolute value. It’s important if you take measurements at the range edge when the error value contributes to the value displayed on the device screen.

To get the value range it’d be enough to enter the estimate of the value under measurement into Value input field and to see the range of possible values taking all of the standardized errors into consideration.

Note: a point is used as a separator of the integer and fractional part.

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 Calibration Certificate Full Data for Oscilloscope
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The certificate of calibration is a document that confirms that the certified instrument has met or exceeded the published specifications. The Full Data Calibration is the Calibration Certificate as well as the calibration results data forms.

Calibration Standard: NIST.

The laboratory is in compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-3 and ISO 17025 or ISO 9001.

Equipment: Fluke 5500A-SC30.

El certificado de calibración es un documento que confirma que el instrumento de la certificación ha cumplido o superado las especificaciones publicadas. La calibración de datos completa es el certificado de calibración, así como los resultados de la calibración formularios de datos.

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